Apsara in New York by Sokunthary Svay

Vogue Italia spread Diane Allford

(c) 2017 by Diane Allford

APSARA in NEW YORK by Sokunthary Svay (2017)

Coming September 28

Media Release:  Apsara in NY 1-sheet

“The apsara is the mythical deity that decorates most Khmer temples, and it represents the ideal woman in Cambodia. In fact, even the classical dancers are modeled after them. My ‘Apsara in New York’ image meant a meeting of my heritage/culture being dropped into the madness, urban temples (not necessarily religious, but sacred spaces personal and whatnot). I feel like my work and who I am embodies the jarring combination of old world Cambodian tradition and culture with the adjustment of US, the Bronx, NYC in general.” ~Sokunthary Svay

“Sokunthary Svay’s Apsara in New York is truly like no other poetry collection I’ve read.  Transnational and pan-ethnic in scope, the book begins in a refugee camp in Thailand, settles in the Bronx and, driven by memory and desire, returns to the Cambodian cities of Phnom Penh, Battambang, and Takeo.  The poet is both fierce and tender, street-smart and thoughtful, maternal and filial, political and haunted. With Apsara in New York, Svay emerges as a powerful new voice in Cambodian-American poetry.” ~Bunkong Tuon, author of Gruel and associate professor of English, Union College