Fables, Foibles, & Other ‘Merican Sins by Amoja Sumler

Revolutionary, intersectional, internationalist, insurrectionary and above all unapologetically opposed to any and all threats to Black life, this stirring new collection of poetry by Amoja Moman Sumler leaps off the bounds of paper and into the pages of history. From the hellscape of a modern Guernica made up of proud boys to the lynch mobs just lying in wait in a white Jane’s gaze, Sumler paints an unflinching look at a world of white menace. This gothic noir holds a mirror to a nation purchased in blood and held together in lies. Do not look away. These are truths that cannot be reconciled.

–Matt Sedillo, author of Mowing Leaves of Grass and Literary Director of the dA Center for the Arts in Pomona, California

Amoja Sumler

Recognized by Poetry Slam Inc as a “Legend of the South,” Amoja Sumler is a nationally celebrated poet and essayist. A Watering Hole graduate fellow and MFA candidate, Amoja has headlined poetry festivals such as the Austin International Poetry Festival, the Bridgewater International Poetry Festival, Write NOLA in New Orleans and Rock the Republic in Texas. As a resident artist of several southern Arts in Education rosters, Amoja lectures at schools and literary nonprofits while teaching creative pedagogy and keynoting at social advocacy conferences like Long Beach Indie Film Pedagogy Conference and Furious Flower throughout the nation.

Foibles, Fables & Other ‘Merican Sins (September 2020)

by Amoja Sumler

ISBN 978-1-7348273-9-2

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