Cave Canem XII-XIV Collections

Willow/Cave Canem Reading NYC

A collaboration championing the spirit of black poetry

Willow Books is the publisher of three collections by Cave Canem Foundation, XII-XIV, featuring the best of the Cave Canem retreats from 2008-2013. Edited by Randall Horton, PhD

Coming Soon! e-Editions of XII-XIV

Cave Canem XII

82 poets

Including work by former U.S. Poety Laureate Nathasha Trethewey and 2020 Jackson Poetry Prize winner Ed Roberson.

Cave Canem XIII

67 poets

Including work by Robin Coste-Lewis, National Book Award winner and Guggenheim Fellow.

Cave Canem XIV

90 poets

Including work by Mahogany L. Browne, NAACP Image Award finalist.

“This partnership with Willow Books adds a significant, public dimension to the body of work produced every year at our retreat. Over time, we believe the Cave Canem Anthology will become essential reading for educators, students and poetry lovers, and a standard title on the shelves of well-stocked bookstores and libraries across the country.”

Alison Meyers, former Executive Director