Willow Poet Lupe Mendez Named 2022 Texas Poet Laureate

Lupe Mendez is the author of Why I Am Like Tequila (Willow Books). From the Texas Commission on the Arts: ...The 2021 appointees include Texas Poet Laureate Cyrus Cassells of Austin, Texas State Musician Leon Bridges of Fort Worth, Texas State Two-Dimensional Artist Annette Lawrence of Denton, and Texas State Three-Dimensional Artist Jennifer Ling Datchuk of San Antonio. The 2022 appointees include Texas Poet Laureate Lupe Mendez of Houston, Texas State Musician Eva Ybarra of San Antonio, Texas State … Continue reading Willow Poet Lupe Mendez Named 2022 Texas Poet Laureate

Willow Announces Pushcart Nominees

Willow Books is pleased to announce nominations for the Pushcart Prize 2020: This is Where by Louise K. Waakaa'igan. Waakaa’igan is enrolled at Odaawaa Zaaga ’iganiing (Lac Courte Orielles Reservation) in northern Wisconsin. Louise is the recipient of the 2017 PEN Poetry Prize and also the first-place winner of Minnesota Prison Writing Workshop’s Broadside Competition … Continue reading Willow Announces Pushcart Nominees

Still A Man for Our Times

…Cherry's stories are brutally realistic refusals to mourn what is most deplorable in life in the United States from African American male perspectives… Still a Man is a powerful book that speaks convincingly of intersectionality, of the inter- and intra-ethnic confluences wherein readers dwell..."Dr. Jerry A. Ward, Jr. In 2011, Willow Books had the distinct … Continue reading Still A Man for Our Times