The Life of a Writer of Color

Writers of color are making quite an impact on the lit scene these days, and it’s been a long time coming. We are pleased to share that one of our own authors, Angie Chuang, received a great review in The Rumpus for her Pulitzer-Prize nominated book, The Four Words for Home. What sets this review apart from other reviews she has received is this key point:

. . . I pose this as the most crucial: Angie Chuang’s The Four Words for Home is precisely the sort of book the literary community is referring to when diversity of voices comes into question. This isn’t a book written about the immigrant experience, or about the female condition in post-Taliban Afghanistan, but an empathetic and lived experience of a writer situated uniquely at an intersection of one and another, of here and there, of insider and outsider. There are too few books like it.

–Molly Beer, The

Angie will host a workshop in Ann Arbor this September to discuss her book, but more importantly, she will discuss her own writing process for bringing her diverse voice to the fore. When she spoke at Busboys & Poets this past spring, I was most struck by her dedication to advancing the cause for WOCs and was moved by her conviction that Willow Books plays an integral role. We’ll keep doing our best to honor that conviction.