Still A Man for Our Times

…Cherry's stories are brutally realistic refusals to mourn what is most deplorable in life in the United States from African American male perspectives… Still a Man is a powerful book that speaks convincingly of intersectionality, of the inter- and intra-ethnic confluences wherein readers dwell..."Dr. Jerry A. Ward, Jr. In 2011, Willow Books had the distinct … Continue reading Still A Man for Our Times

Rachelle Linda Escamilla honored at Library of Congress

At this very moment, Rachelle Linda Escamilla is a Visiting Scholar at the Library of Congress, Hispanic Division. Her poems are being recorded for their "Archive of Hispanic Literature on Tape" Collection.  Since this spring, Rachelle has been making incredible strides: Co-founded, with Angel Dominguez, the Latinx Poetix Symposium @ California State University Monterey Bay … Continue reading Rachelle Linda Escamilla honored at Library of Congress

LitFest2018 Debuts in New York!

LitFest is coming to New York! Our national LitFest will take place Saturday, June 2, 2018 starting at 7 p.m. at Cassava House, 2270 1st Avenue in East Harlem. The event will feature poetry readings, a book fair and live music. Since 2012, LitFest has appeared in Chicago, Washington, D.C., Seattle, Minneapolis and Los Angeles. … Continue reading LitFest2018 Debuts in New York!