Afrofuturism Album Released

Black Fire This Time team releases new audio collection on Afrofuturism

The creative team behind the Black Fire This Time anthology has just released a new album of audio works on the subject of Afrofuturism. Black Fire This Time: Afrofuturism features 16 tracks of poetry and storytelling on this growing movement in literature. Afrofuturism was first described as “speculative fiction that treats African American themes and addresses African American concerns in the context of the twentieth century technoculture.”– Mark Dery in his 1994 essay, “Black to the Future.”

“We [The Black Fire This Time team] have brought that concept into the 21st century” said Heather Buchanan, producer. “We have also added poetry to the mix for a more comprehensive view of Afrofuturism and what it can mean to creators.”

“I continue to sing, keeping the ancestors alive by singing their songs…”

–Avotcja, poet and percussionist

The album includes Darrell Stover, Tureeda Mikell, Dr. Mona Lisa Saloy, Zakkiyah G.E. Capehart, Bryant Bolling, Avotcja, Judy Juanita, Jewelle Gomez, devorah major, Gabriel Akata and Sumiko Saulson. The recording was hosted by Dr. Kim McMillon.

The album is available for download at