Rachelle Linda Escamilla honored at Library of Congress

At this very moment, Rachelle Linda Escamilla is a Visiting Scholar at the Library of Congress, Hispanic Division. Her poems are being recorded for their “Archive of Hispanic Literature on Tape” Collection. Rachelle

Since this spring, Rachelle has been making incredible strides:

Co-founded, with Angel Dominguez, the Latinx Poetix Symposium @ California State University Monterey Bay last spring.

Recently performed with Tongo Eisen-Martin and MK Chavez at the Institute of Advanced Uncertainty in San Francisco, CA.

Hosted a live recording of her poetry radio show featuring poetry from her forthcoming book: Me Drawing a Picture of Me[n], Willow Books (2018), also featuring Ayaz Pirani and Deb Busman in Salinas, CA.

Rachelle will be teaching Chicano Poetry, Multicultural Poetry and Social Action Writing in the Fall at California State University Monterey Bay.

The author of Imaginary Animal, Rachelle will be releasing a new collection of poems, Me Drawing a Picture of Me[n], a book of poems set in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania during the 2008 election.

Me Drawing a Picture of Me[n] are poems that speak to various (usually white) male figures in time from the perspective of a Chicana who has just been diagnosed with a number of poverty-related illnesses.